Our meat free movement....ish!

In no way am I thinking about becoming fully vegan, but every now and then I try to convince my carnivorous other half that perhaps eating a bit less meat wouldn't be the end of the world. As we are all aware, there are so many reasons to try and reduce our consumption of meat, for the sake of the environment, our health, expense... but needless to say, I have not managed to persuade him yet. I do though, try to sneak in a couple of meat free meals each week which, if they are delicious enough, do not instantly make him think he is missing out on the juicy steak on top!

When I saw that Ella Mills, founder and author of Deliciously Ella was coming to our local community theatre to talk about her new book, I was really keen to go along and get some new recipe ideas and to hear a bit about how she became such a phenomenal success. She was really inspiring and has such a fascinating story to tell, not least about how she ate herself healthy with her plant-based diet. What an advocate for veganism and a million miles from the perception that people generally have of vegans being hippies eating lentil stew and lettuce!

I have found such a lot of inspiration in Deliciously Ella and we have definitely moved more into the realms of plant based eating at least 2 days a week which is a big step. The Sri Lankan curry is destined to be a family staple for a long time. It is rich and hearty, full of goodness and has a good poke to satisfy the spice lovers. The bean chilli is a great alternative to a meat chilli and just as satisfying served with rice or tacos. The complex flavours and spices in her recipes are not difficult to produce but feel so much more exciting and appealing than I expected. I am definitely looking forward to researching ideas and including more plant based dishes on my menus both at home and within the supper clubs.

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