what is The Olive Club?

You may have heard about people starting up home restaurants and secret supper societies, where you can eat fantastic wholesome food in unique locations, often people's own homes and this is exactly what we are doing here at The Olive Club (named after our majestic Olive Tree that greets you as you arrive!) 

In the current environment, our high streets are dominated by chain restaurants and takeaways and there is a real lack of independent bistro type places, offering seasonal and carefully planned home cooked food which means that there is a growing interest in eating at these more interesting pop up style restaurants.

The Olive Club is inspired by both this and the small backstreet restaurants in Paris or the even more informal Ferme Auberge in rurul France, where you turn up and eat whatever delights are on the menu that evening.

I, along with everyone else in the hospitality industry have been hit hard over the past couple of years by the pandemic, and it has taken a bit longer for supper clubs to come back as the venues are often a lot smaller and intimate than restaurants.  We have been lucky and have managed to hold a few smaller private events as we have the outside space, but now restrictions have been lifted, this summer we are looking forward to lots of new people coming and trying us out, eating good food and meeting lovely new people.

how does it work?

Supper clubs are a fantastic way to meet new people, people often from your local area who are interested in food and doing things a little bit different.  You may find yourselves seated with people you haven't met before, but it is a good opportunity to potentially make new friends or just spend the evening in different company!  If you come in a group you will always be seated together, but there may be other people on your table too.


We offer a set menu which will be sent to you when you book and will also be published on the website.  This will often centre around a theme or what is in season at the time. Please let me know at the time of booking if you have any allergies or intolerances.

The menu is a fixed price and we will need to ask you to pay for your tickets up front when you book, just to protect us from any last minute cancellations.  We can accept cheques or bank transfer, so I will arrange with you when you book.

We encourage you to BYOB as we don't provide alcohol, and we can store your bottles in our fridge if you would like. Please bring them ready chilled if you can as we do not have facilities to chill at speed!  And please note, we will never charge you corkage!

Chilled water, tea and coffee will be included in your menu.

Our address details will be sent once you have booked, but we are on the outskirts of Hertford, about 2 miles from town.